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Biocomplex Deep Mask 250ml


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Bamboo pith lipid treatment. Trichological treatment based on vegetable lipids that exert a synergistic action, instantly restoring and nourishing damaged hair. For dry, thin, brittle, opaque and coarse hair that lacks lustre, hair that has been damaged by excessive chemical treatments or has split and dry ends or oily roots. Remarkable improvements after the very first application of this treatment. Leaves hair soft, silky and easy to manage. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.


Take a small amount of Bamboo Pith into the palm of the hands. Warm up the micro-spherules by rubbing palms together until the mask turns into an oily paste. Always apply on dry hair. Spread evenly to full lengths of hair and leave on for 15-20 minutes under a heat source. Wash hair using NOURISHING SHAMPOO. Repeat once a week for a full month. Then use every 15 days as a maintenance.


Bamboo pith lipid treatment.